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One of the most difficult things for the beginning golfer to grasp is how to execute a proper golf swing. Beginner Golf Swing Tips is aimed at the novice or intermediate golfer who is frustrated because they have not learned how to execute the proper golf swing and their golf game is not where they would like it to be because of this.  One of the things that I believe that causes more harm than good to all novice golfers is the extent of the information pertaining to how to execute the perfect golf swing.  The details and specifics, diagrams, instructions, techniques and suggestions can be overwhelming.

The goal of this website is to cut through the noise and help beginner and intermediate golfers realize a swing that they can execute consistently – a swing that enables them to actually enjoy a round of golf again and a golf swing that enables them to play better.  There is nothing more frustrating than going to the course after anticipating your next round of golf all week only to have fear and apprehension ruin your game and your day!

With the information contained throughout this website any beginner or novice golfer should be able to play a reasonably consistent round and have a swing that is repeatable and effective.  Understanding the golf swing and providing golf swing tips for those of you who love the game, but have become frustrated with all of the information out their pertaining to the golf swing is the main focus of   Don’t let a reasonably simple thing like the golf swing (yes, it is actually simple despite all of the contradicting information out there about it) cause you to even think about giving up the game you love.

So take a look through a few of the pages on this site, have an open mind and get your enthusiasm back for the game you love.  I hope that you get something useful from this site and that you become a more consistent (and happier) golfer.