Golf Swing Tips

How to Stop Topping Your Iron Shots

Introduction One of the most common causes of wasted strokes during a round of golf – for beginners and even some more advanced players – is the topped iron shot. Imagine you have just hit a beautiful drive that found the fairway on a par four hole and now all you have left is a […]

How to Hit Irons Off the Tee

Using a tee when hitting your iron shots is an opportunity to give your ball the ‘perfect lie’ and learning how to hit this shot consistently can give players a significant advantage when playing par-3’s, as well as longer holes with narrow fairways. The rules of golf allow players to place the ball on the […]

Most Forgiving Irons

When golfers talk about a club being ‘forgiving’ what they really mean is that the club can help compensate for some minor swing errors and still produce a decent shot. These swing errors can fall into a range of different categories, but in general a swing error is anything that a player does during his […]

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