Golf Swing Tips

Golf Wiffle Ball Practice Tips for Beginners

While Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Jordan Spieth have probably graduated from using plastic golf balls for practice, beginning golfers trying to improve their swing can actually benefit quite a bit just by using these hollow golf balls (shown on the left) when we want to practice, but can’t make it to the range or […]

Why a One Plane Golf Swing is Best for Beginners

What is a One-Plane Golf Swing Before we can learn how to properly execute a one-plane golf swing, let’s first look at exactly what a one plane swing is and what distinguishes it from a two-plane golf swing. The easiest way to distinguish a one plane from a two plane golf swing is that during […]

Left Handed Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing

It’s a fact – most people are right-handed. This is extremely evident by the overwhelming majority of golfing related items like golf clubs, golf training aids, instructional golf training books, videos and DVDs, as well as golf course designs even that are all aimed directly at the right-handed golfer. But what if you love to […]

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