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Below are the most useful online golf resources for beginners to improve their swing and their game.
Golf news, instruction, equipment, travel, courses, scores and more. is probably the premier site for everything golf. There is educational golf information, lessons, videos, golf tutorials – you name it. There is also current PGA Tour information, including recent tournament updates, golf news, and everything else going on in golf. This site also has some of the most detailed equipment reviews focusing (mainly) on the latest golf equipment and innovations. is current and frequently updated due to its large editorial staff and has something to appeal to golfers of every level. It is THE comprehensive golf site online.

Free Golf Swing Tips
A website of free golf swing tips, golf swing secrets and golf instruction to help golfers lower their scores. This site is very “golf tips” oriented. There are golf swing tips, driving tips, putting tips, equipment tips and tips for improving your golf fitness. If you sign up for their newsletter, this site is offering four mini golf guides delivered straight to your inbox. While this site doesn’t state that it is strictly for beginners I do find it’s aim to be helping golfers who are still trying to improve and perfect their game. In this regard I find a very nice complement to my site – yeah, that one! You know the magazine, television show, famous golf instructors, comprehensive golf equipment reviews, make a tee-time anywhere in the world, find out what’s going on with amateur golfers all over the globe and whatever else golf related stuff is going on somewhere on this planet. This site ALSO has detailed analysis of current PGA tournaments, how he players fared, key shots that made or lost the tournament. There is an enormous amount of instructional information on here are reviews of almost any golf course you would ever want to play. There is in-depth reporting about the current touring pros. Kind of makes you wonder why I’m even trying to build out a golf site here – LOL. Oh yea, ’cause I love golf! – this site is everything you could ever (or would ever) need or want to know about the most detailed – and sometimes mundane  – statistics of every PGA tour player. Want to know how well Phil Mickelson plays from 100 yards and under at Pebble Beach when it’s windy? This site can tell you. Need the average number of strokes it takes for Jordan Spieth to get out of the sand and into the hole at Augusta National? No problem! As you can probably tell, I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but not by much! Want to know what’s trending on tour? Go to to check it out? Interested in the happenings on the Tour, the Latin American PGA Tour? Canada? China? What Rory McIlroy ate for breakfast?  If it happened on tour and it happened to a golfer, this site has it! – another excellent resource and instructional site based on the popular GolfTips magazine. One of yet another online site based on an offline magazine or television show. As the name says, this site is mainly focused on providing instructional golf tips to help golfers get better and enjoy the game even more. One of the nice features about this site is that much of the instructional material is presented in the form of videos. Golf is one of the 3 0r 4 big golf sites online that I’ve highlighted above. It is similar in terms of what it provides: golf instruction, equipment reviews, information about golf courses, and current golf news. One cool offer that currently has is a free swing analysis from one of their editors if you send in a video of your golf swing. I don’t know how long this offer will last but it is currently on their home page (check out the banner near the top center of their home page).