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How to Swing a Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid golf clubs differ from standard woods and irons in that hybrid clubs have lower centers-of-gravity (CG) and – in most cases – increased face angles. What this means is that hybrid clubs can help achieve a higher trajectories (than your long irons) at slower swing speeds. This makes hybrid golf clubs ideal for anyone who has slower swing speeds. This is typically beginning golfers, junior golfers, and female golfers. This is not to say that hybrid clubs should only be used by these three classes of golfers – not at all – as the advances in hybrid club technology are quite remarkable and do have a place in almost any golfer’s bag. The key when learning how to swing a hybrid golf club is to make solid contact and ensure that the clubface of the hybrid club contacts the ball squarely.

As hybrid clubs have increased face angles the idea with most hybrid clubs is that you want to hit down on the ball with them in order to achieve high trajectories.  In order to accomplish this it is a good idea to keep the ball to the center or slightly behind center in your stance. One common mistake many beginning hybrid club players – and beginning golfers in general – make is that they want to keep the ball to close to the front of their stance when hitting a hybrid club kind of like they would do with a longer club like a driver. The result with this ball position is that the golfer will tend to hit up on the ball instead of down and not achieve a good, high, flight path.

The lower center-of-gravity (CG) of these clubs and the smaller (lighter) club head means that it is not necessary to overpower them to achieve good distance and higher trajectories than you might have experienced with your long irons even at slower swing speeds. Swing tempo is critical when executing a golf shot with one of the hybrid clubs. The ideal swing speed is slow and steady in order to achieve good rhythm and good contact with the club’s ‘sweet spot’. Check out the golf video below for some visual instruction that demonstrates some of the concepts we discussed above.

How to Swing a Hybrid Golf Club Video

The video above presented by demonstrates some key elements of executing a golf swing with a hybrid club and it examines what is different between a hybrid club and an iron.

The new class of hybrid golf club definitely has a place in the bag of golfers of all skill levels and can help beginning and intermediate level golfers execute shots that may be difficult to accomplish with traditional long irons.  Give these clubs a try and you may become a convert too!

For additional information about the best technique for hitting your hybrid clubs consistently, check out this lesson from Paula Creamer on Golf Paula is one of the premier LPGA golfers and anytime she wants to share some free advice I would suggest that all golfers pay close attention. Remember, with golf you never stop learning!

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