Golf Swing Tips | Left Handed Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing

Left Handed Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing

It’s a fact – most people are right-handed. This is extremely evident by the overwhelming majority of golfing related items like golf clubs, golf training aids, instructional golf training books, videos and DVDs, as well as golf course designs even that are all aimed directly at the right-handed golfer. But what if you love to golf and are not right-handed? There’s still some hope! Besides looking to players like Phil Mickelson for inspiration, here are just a few left-handed golf tips to help lefties everywhere improve their swing and shoot lower scores.

Tip #1 – Don’t Try to Golf Right-Handed

It’s really unbelievable, but a lot of left-handed men and women actually try to play using standard right-handed golf equipment. Perhaps they think golf is only for ‘righties’. Nothing could be further from the truth and the fact of the matter is that when a left-handed person tries to go against what is natural to them it only makes developing a proper golf swing more difficult and the game of golf less fun.

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If a golfer is left-handed, but tries to force themselves to play right-handed what generally happens is that their dominant hand (their left-hand) becomes their leading or ‘pulling’ hand throughout the swing, which is contrary to what should be happening. A golfer’s dominant hand should be their ‘pushing’ hand for power and follow-through. However, when a person’s dominant hand becomes their leading hand throughout the golf swing this disrupts the even tempo of the golf swing and can lead to errant shots. Many lefties trying to golf right-handed also slice the ball for this reason. So if you are left-handed, play golf that way!

Tip #2 – Emulate Left-Handed Golfers

Everyone has a favorite golfer and odds are your favorite golfer plays right-handed since over three-quarters of all people who play golf play right-handed (notice I didn’t say they ARE right-handed I said they PLAY right-handed, obviously there are quite a few golfers who violate tip number one). Try to identify how your favorite ‘lefty’ positions their stance and clears their hips. Observe their swing and the club position throughout the backswing and the downswing, including the follow through. See if they are doing anything that may help you the next time you practice your swing.

Tip #3 – Use Left-Handed Golf Equipment

As we saw above a large portion of the golf market is aimed at right-handed golfers, but this doesn’t mean that people who are left-handed should sacrifice. Yes, there may not be quite as many left-handed golf club sets as there are right-handed club sets, but using proper clubs for your height, stance, and body is very important. Use a good set of left-handed golf clubs or even have a set custom fitted to your body and golf swing. Having custom-fitted golf clubs is probably one of the best tips I can give here to the left-handed golfer.

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So you can see that all is not lost if you love to play golf and are left-handed. Just remember these 3 simple left-handed golf tips: Don’t try to golf right-handed, find a south-paw and try to emulate their golf swing, and have your golf clubs custom fitted by someone who understands the challenges left handed golfers face. Now go get those ‘righties’.

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