Golf Swing Tips | Why the Ping G25 Driver is Best for Beginners – Golf Driver Reviews

Why the Ping G25 Driver is Best for Beginners – Golf Driver Reviews

Ping G25 Driver Review

I want to tell everyone about one of my favorite drivers of all time – it’s the Ping G25 Driver – but before I get into the specifics of the club I want to say a few words about what I think makes a great driver for beginning golfers:

1 – It has to be simple to use

2 – It has to have a large sweet spot

3 – it has to be very forgiving

And I can tell you that the G25 is all that and more. So sit back and enjoy the review below…


So what makes a driver simple to use? As a beginning golfer, I prefer golf clubs that do NOT offer manual adjustments, but if the club is adjustable, making these adjustments needs to be extremely simple. The G25 employs Ping’s Trajectory Tuning (TM) Technology that allows the golfer to add or subtract a half-degree of loft to the club

by adjusting the hosel using the PING wrench (kind of like a small Philips-head screwdriver). When you increase the angle of loft the club will impart more backspin and a higher ball flight, however you may sacrifice a little distance due to the higher angle and added backspin.

You can also reduce the angle of the club face, which results in less loft and a lower ball flight. This also reduces the amount of backspin imparted on the ball and can help get a little more distance out of the club.

While these types of minor adjustments may be useful for professional golfers, I simply left the driver in its default ‘stock’ set-up and let it rip!


The Sweet Spot

The Ping G25 has a 460cc clubhead similar to other drivers, but its profile is huge! The  increased size of the head allows for a much larger sweet spot than some other drivers. This is great because a larger sweet spot means that you can hit the ball a little off-center and it will still go straight. A large sweet spot means I don’t have to hit the ball perfectly with every swing and I can still get away with it! Just another reason why I love this club.

sweet spot ping g25 driver

That’s one big sweet spot – SWEET!



Starting with the extra large sweet spot that provides a greater surface area for less-than-perfect ball contact, the Ping G25 is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market. It is extremely easy to swing, even with its large profile because it has such an aerodynamic design and low center of gravity.

The shaft in my club is the TFC189D 45.5 inch – I use the regular flex shaft as I do not have a super-fast swing, but this club comes with one of three shaft types (stiff, regular, soft). For beginners I would recommend the regular shaft or maybe the stiff. soft (more flexible) shafts always seem to bend too much for my taste.

The Ping G25 is a sleek black beauty of a club. with its large sweet spot, lightweight shaft, large clubhead and adjustability it is (and has been) my favorite driver of all time. Check out some more of the Ping G25 specs here (this is the exact club I use!)


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